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Bike Tours and Cycling in Paris

The best bike tours and bike rentals in Paris, France

Paris Bike Tours

Visit the highlights of Paris with a guided bike tour or go on a bike tour especially for children. Information an tips about cycling, bike rentals. and bike tours in Paris, France can be found at

A bike tour is an easy and fun way to explore Paris in a short amount of time. During a Paris bike tour with an English-speaking local guide, you’ll pass well-known Paris landmarks and learn more about the beautiful city.

3 Tips for bike tours in Paris

An average Paris bike tour usually takes three hours. Almost all bike tours include an English-speaking local guide. The kind of bike that will be used varies depending on the bike tour. If you have a preference for a certain type of bicycle, for example, an electric bicycle or a children's bicycle, please be especially aware of this when you book your bike tour.

There are several options for a fun bike tour through Paris, France:

1. Bike Tour, along the Highlights of Paris, from 39.00 €

This bike tour, with an English-speaking guide, is convenient and fun if you visit Paris for the first time. During a 3-hour route, you’ll pass some of the best-known landmarks in Paris. Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. are a few of the sights you’ll come across. This tour uses city bikes. Click here for additional information

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2. Bike Tour, along the Secrets of Paris, from 45.00 €

If you have been to Paris before and you want to be surprised, this bike tour can be a lot of fun. During a 3-hour tour with an English-speaking guide, you’ll visit some uncommon and unexpected places like Arenes de Lutece and Rue Mouffetard. Click here for additional information

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3. Bike Tour, especially for children, from 39.00 €

This bike tour is great fun with children that are at least 6 years old. An English-speaking local guide takes the whole family along several famous landmarks in Paris. This family fun bike tour is considered one of the most child-friendly excursions in Paris. (Click here for additional information)

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